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Lyss & Jimmy

"There are two types of people at a Greek wedding. Those who are Greek; and those who wish they were".

I was the latter on this particular day. The jealousy was real! I wish I knew the dance moves. I wish I understood the historical meaning behind the song lyrics. All I could do was ask... Perhaps I shouldn't have asked my wedding day compadres Mr and Mrs Mitchelson Film (from the UK), but it was worth a shot.

So much love for these guys and their families. I can't begin to describe how beautiful it was to witness such genuine and deep love between husband and wife; parent and child; and every other family and friend combination. It was limitless.

Lyss, Jimmy and I met a couple of years ago over coffee in Croydon. It was definitely as easy as it comes in terms of friendships and relaxed conversations. A sign of things to come I think...

Thank you so much Alyssa and Jimmy. For trusting me to be there on your very special day that you spent so much time planning and curating. For letting me photographically document this for your children, and their children to see. It truly is a huge honour. I am forever grateful for this <3

Amore e pace



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