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Sarah Brion. Photographer.


There is something about images that I have always found captivating. They are living and breathing, past and yet very much still occupying the present. I am not talking about the staged family shot when everyone huddles around grandma for her 90th birthday, although I adore them too. I am talking about grandma's hand on her daughter's shoulder, the gentle command of a woman who is sure of where peoples' places are, of the delight that spreads across her face when she catches her grandson with his finger in the cake.​

There is a narrative in every image, a story that has been told and yet still has more to say. I remember as a young girl, pulling photo albums off the shelf and thumbing my way through them, devouring moments of my family's life that I was now part of through these pictures. I examined them and wondered what had been said before the picture was taken, what these people were like. There is never a time when I look at a picture and fail to notice something different or imagine something I had not thought before.​

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