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Dana and Matt. Married at the beautiful Marble Hill. Surrounded by close friends and family, and the MOST incredible ‘piano animal’ I have ever seen. This wedding was an absolute knock out. The families that let me into their hearts and homes for the day, the setting, the styling (amazing Hygge crew), and the dance floor that did-not-stop.

Michael Moore for those playing at home, is from London. He lives there. And he is so unbelievably talented that Dana and Matt flew him over to play at their wedding… Crazy you say? NO. Not crazy. Genius. I have never, ever seen a single person pump so much energy into a room.. for 6 hours straight! Insane. I loved every second of it, and I know that every other person that graced the dance floor that night loved it too.

Dana and Matt are generous, considerate and honest people. They have souls that are made with love. It is often said (I think only by me… but anyway) that you can truly see a person’s character when you meet the people who raised them. For both Dana and Matt, the best gift of all was given to them at birth. Loving, kind and understanding parents. They are encouraging, supportive ambitious and have only the best intentions for their children. Their hard work and dedication to this game of parenting has paid off. And it was more than clear on their faces throughout the entire day.

Thank you Dana, Matt and your families. For teaching me a little bit more about love, patience and commitment.

Amore e pace


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